What The Trailer Buddy can do for you

Make it easier and safer to reverse your vehicle, hitch up a
trailer, and get on the road with a portable wireless reversing camera.

  • Safety

    Make trailer hitching safer without the risk of over-reversing and denting your vehicle.

  • Painless Alignment

    Align your vehicle to hitch your trailer perfectly every time without heavy
    lifting or dragging.

  • Portable & Compact

    Use it with SUVs, UTEs, trucks, caravans or pull-behinds, on any trailer any time, anywhere.

  • Magnetic

    The trailer hitching reverse camera magnetically adheres to the back of your vehicle and send real-time video & audio to your smartphone.

  • Adjustable

    The telescopic arm lets you adjust the angle to ensure you can see the trailer hitch cover the ball.

  • Guarantee

    We take pride in creating a high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use backup camera system that supports a wide range of vehicles and travel needs.

  • Wifi Trailer Hitch 4K Camera

    Send real-time video and audio to your smartphone.

  • Adjustable Attachment System

    The adjustable telescopic arm makes reversing & trailer-hitching easier.

  • Compact & Portable Storage Bag

    Comes with a storage bag so you can easily use, remove and store.

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Multipurpose Reverse Camera

Our reversing camera kit can be used for hooking up any trailer including:

• tradies
• household
• boats & jet skis
• cattle trailers
• horse trailers
• off-road & ATVs
• caravans
• watercraft vehicles

Ideal for tradies – builders, bricklayers, cleaners, lawnmowing services and more.

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