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The Trailer Buddy - Demo

The Trailer Buddy

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Reversing your vehicle and hooking up a trailer hitch has never been easier thanks to the universal Trailer Buddy camera system.

Whether you’re a Tradie, a household trailer user, an avid fisherman, love hitting the trails with your dirt bike, or want to tow a vehicle behind your caravan, getting the trailer hitch ball lined up can be challenging. In fact, if you don’t do it right even the first time it can put a hole in your bumper, dent your vehicle, or hurt someone if you can’t tell they’re close.

That’s why we developed the Trailer Buddy, an easy-to-use trailer hitching camera system that attaches to the back of your vehicle and lets you line up your hitch quickly and easily; and all while keeping a watching eye from your smartphone. 

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Patent Pending PCT/AU2019/050595